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IUCLID Seminar for REACH, 2-day seminar: 4th/5th of June 24 in Dresden  

Avoid accidents: HAZOP/ LOPA/ Human Factors/ Functional Safety Seminar;

Seminars on the Biocidal Product Regulation and on the usage of the IUCLID software for Biocides

REACh ChemConsult GmbH will be pleased to assist you with the implementation of the Biocidal Products Regulation (EC) No. 528/2012.

Our next seminars on the Biocidal Products Regulation and the application of IUCLID for biocidal concerns:

Seminars are currently only held in-house on special customer request. If you are interested in an in-house seminar, you can contact us at any time. We offer

  • Seminar on the Biocidal Product Regulation
  • IUCLID for the application for biocids (approval of actives, authorisation of products)

Seminar on the Biocidal Product Regulation:

The Biocidal Products Regulation ((EC) No. 528/2012) (BPR) introduced standardised regulations for biocides in the EU that go beyond the regulations of the old Biocidal Products Directive (Directive 98/8/EC). The biocide seminar will provide information on the new regulations for biocidal products, active substances and treated articles under the BPR and give valuable tips on how to implement them in practice. The seminar can also take place in cooperation with Mr Ahlhaus, lawyer at the law firm Produktkanzlei.

Content of our ‘Seminar on the Biocidal Products Regulation’:

  • Information on changes due to the regulation
  • What needs to be considered for authorisation?
    • Authorisation (approval) of active substances
    • Biocidal product authorisation
  • Biocidal legal requirements for in-situ systems
    • Overview of the legal framework
    • Current state of discussion on active substance approval and product authorisation
    • Legally compliant distribution and use of in-situ systems and components
  • Obligation to use IT tools: R4BP/IUCLID
  • Biocides from the perspective of the REACH ((EC) No. 1907/2006) and CLP (EU-GHS, (EC) No. 1272/2008) regulations

Contact us to organise an in-house seminar at your premises.

IUCLID seminars focussing on biocides:

Our 1-day IUCLID seminars can be booked as beginner and refresher courses. They cover the following main topics:

  • IUCLID introduction
  • R4BP(3) of the ECHA
  • Preparation of compliant dossiers

Content of the 2-day intensive course on IUCLID focussing on biocides::

  • Short introduction to IUCLID6 and R4BP of the ECHA
  •  IUCLID installation instructions
  • Creating the legal entity object (LEOx)
  • Create substances, assign substance to the reference substance
  • IUCLID dataset entry and maintenance
  • Creation of dossiers for submission to ECHA as IUCLID export file (*.i6z)
  • Import / export of data in the form of i6z / xml files
  • Application of IUCID tools (search, literature exchange, report generator, validation assistant)

The training courses can also be customised to meet customer requirements.

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