Seminars 2024

IUCLID Seminar for REACH, 2-day seminar: 4th/5th of June 24 in Dresden  

Avoid accidents: HAZOP/ LOPA/ Human Factors/ Functional Safety Seminar;

Advice on Dangerous Goods

With the regulation of appointing a risk prevention officer in the company (german: Gefahrgutbeauftragenverordnung - GbV) of February 25, 2011 every company, which transports dangerous goods via road, train, ship or plane, is asked to appoint a risk prevention officer.

REACh ChemConsult GmbH offers you an external service on dangerous goods by our risk prevention officers Kerstin Hellmann and Dagmar Steiner. They carry out the tasks appointed by §8:

  • guiding the company to comply the regulations on dangerous goods
  • recording all actions regarding the observation
  • showing defects and shortcomings while transport or storing take place
  • prepare yearly reports
  • prepare reports after accidents
  • train appointed and other responsible persons.

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