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Preparation of working instructions for hazardous substances

Our experts will be happy to prepare the working instructions for the hazardous substances used in your company.

According to the Hazardous Substances Ordinance (§14), a working instruction must be prepared by all employers for every hazardous substance present in the company. At REACh ChemConsult GmbH, we prepare the operating instructions in accordance with the specifications of TRGS 555 "Working instructions and information for employees". If required, we can also prepare the working instructions in all official EU languages. The operating instructions include the following content:

  1. Working areas, workplace, activity,
  2. Hazardous substances (identification),
  3. Hazards to human health and the environment
  4. Protective measures, rules of conduct,
  5. Conduct in the case of danger,
  6. First Aid, and
  7. Proper disposal.

For certain substances, such as corrosive substances, a collective operating instruction can also be drawn up. Employees who have to deal with the substances must be instructed verbally on the workplace and activity before starting work and at least once a year thereafter. Employees must confirm their participation in the instructions by signing them.

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working instruction for a wood preservative

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